Our firm META70 ULUSLARARASI TİCARET, having engaged in the trade of agricultural products and construction materials for over 25 years, is situated in Karaman City. Our firm starts the import of QEMISOYL (pronounced as "KEMİSOL" in Turkish language) from United States of America in 2005 and makes marketing of super water retainer with trade name Qemisoyl (Kemisol) having a lot of advantages such as reducing irrigation frequency, increasing efficiency dramatically in yield productivity and so on by ensuring water savings to a large extent in plant breeding and the product of humi-kemisol (reinforced with organic soil arranger). It is the only firm authorized to grant franchisee of these products and form their marketing and sales network throughout TURKEY. Since 2008, our firm has carried out important works on the subjects of sales of pellet machine and pellet fuels and keeps on doing these works. In 2010, it also engaged in the activities on the subject of hoeing machines used for cultivating field which has become an absolute must of the agricultural sector.

Our single aim is to grow in a planned and healthy way for forming a lasting firm image by creating differences in the sector and increase customer satisfaction and service quality by developing the existing product range and adding new products into it.